We know that, class is a model/blueprint to create the objects in other hand we can also say class is a user defined datatype. let’s create the class Student


Null means no value, if you are trying to access the variable which does not have any value then you will get null pointer exception. But you can find this exception in runtime not at compile time. Is there any way to fix this null pointer exception at compile time…


it means wrapped up, hiding,security or adding some extra layer. Why do use encapsulation in programming.The answer is simple just to provide the security to the data.

For example, we will take Student class

class Student{
public int id;
public String name;
public String address;

class is just…

When you are getting the data from API, the data is in the form of JSON.

For example we will take student information as a JSON file, which contains student id, name and address

To use in our flutter project we need to create a student class which is having…

In this article we will see different types of parameters.

Required parameters:

void add(int a, int b)

When you are using this type of brackets then you have to pass two variables. It means these are the two required parameters.

Optional parameters:

void add(int a, int b,[int c])

For this method we can skip the third argument it means if you are passing only two values it won’t give error and the third one will be null value

Optional and named parameters:

void add(int a, int b,{int c})

For this method the third parameter is the optional and named parameter. If you want to pass the value then it would be like


In dart language there is no method overloading concept instead of that we use this concept.

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Future and Builder, The Future is used to get the data from remote and while getting the data we are showing progress indicator and after getting the data we build the widget by using the data.

When you are adding your entire body in the obx widget like

body: Obx(()…

Main Thread:

First of all, we will compare main thread as a worker(employee) in a general store. The employee will get the items one by one from the shop is nothing but sync programming. …

In this article, we will see what is abstract method, what is the use and why it can’t be final.

Abstract Method:

first of all we should know that, what is the method nothing but behaviour. For example we are creating a pen. To create the pen we need some…

In this article, we will what is the Exception and how to handle it.


After writing the code first you have to compiling it, then executing the code right? …

In this article, we will see about what is responsive ui and how to create the responsive ui in flutter. let’s go.

What is Responsive UI:

responsive means when you resize the screen according the width the ui has to change, it means for example we have two widget one…

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